Episode 7 - Ramones

We're all revved up and ready to go as we talk about the Ramones! Scott and Mike also have updates on Luke Perry and former Disney Mouseketeer Dennis Day, and talk about 80s action sports movies, Wes Anderson, Nipsey Hussle, CBGB, and more!

The poster for David Winters' Thrashin' (1986) starring Josh Brolin. It's "totally insane"!

Listen: Scott's favorite Ramones song, I Just Want To Have Something To Do

Dearly Departed Podcast host Scott Michaels with C.J. Ramone (left) and Tommy Ramone (right)

Scott's Ramones ticket from the roller rink show in Detroit

Scott's Ramones graffiti

The paparazzi photo of Jack Osbourne with Mike partially in the shot :)

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