Scott and Mike discuss The Addams Family and the deaths of cast members Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy, and Ken Weatherwax. We also talk a little about Carol Channing, the Manson Family, the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and more!

Video: Watch a short video of Dearly Departed Tours and Museum's Sharon Tate Birthday Party, with their newly acquired personal effects (Link)

Link: Check out LA Woman Tours!

Article: Read about Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil getting recommended for parole (Link)

Video: There used to be a recording online of Beausoleil and fellow former Manson follower Clem Grogan playing in a band together in prison (probably Beausoleil's "Freedom Orchestra" band) where we're pretty sure Beausoleil called Grogan out by name, but the link appears to have been taken down. However, this live video of the band from 1978 appears to show the two of them performing together (Link)

Link: Support Justice for Homicide Victims

Buy: In Morticia's Shadow: The Life & Career of Carolyn Jones

...and Addams Chronicles: An Altogether Ooky Look at the Addams Family by Stephen Cox

Some of the cremains of Ken Weatherwax (Pugsley)
on display at Dearly Departed Tours and Museum in Hollywood

Link: Check out the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Article: Judy Garland's remains moved to LA (Link)

Article: Read about the man buried in the crypt over Marilyn Monroe (Link)

Video: Amazing newsreel footage about the lynching of the accused murderers of Jackie Coogan's college friend, Brooke Hart (Link)

Jackie Coogan's roadster after the crash that killed both his father
and his best friend, fellow actor Junior Durkin

Article: An interesting blog post about the crash and Coogan's friendship with Durkin (Link)

Dearly Departed Podcast co-host Mike Dorsey with Batman series actor Burt Ward (Robin) in 2012

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